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Bonjr - Someday We'll Be Together Again

Right after we finished the House Project with BA Film and Television last term, I was asked to be 1st Assistant Director and Behind the Scenes Photographer for a music video.

"A girl navigating her way through an emotional landscape of memories. The story focuses on her relationship that is soon to end. She navigates through each milestone memory one last time, like a ghost. The main focus is the three stages of the relationship: the nostalgia and happiness of the beginning, the chaos and disorder that build up and finally the end result of girl's freedom from this relationship. The beach represents girl's freedom but at the same time a regular beach. It shows that her freedom is tainted. Will she really ever be free from this relationship after everything he's done to her?

She is always still and looking into the camera, almost like some kind of a doll. The further we get with the story, the more she starts to move and the more she begins to free herself. The viewer feels uncomfortable about the girl or just doesn't recognise her anymore. It's kind of like when you're so caught up in someone who's bad for you, you only realise the emotional distance when you take a step back and actually see it for yourself. The idea is: you're supposed to be so caught in this girls gaze, you don't realise the camera is moving back until you see how wide the shot becomes."

We had two main locations, one in Notting Hill (for the bedroom and the phone booth) and one in Southend (for the beach and initially the pier).

Location 1: Notting Hill - Bedroom

A well lit, white bedroom filled with pictures and memorabilia from the relationship. This symbolizes the happiness and nostalgia of what the relationship used to be.

Location 2: Notting Hill - Phone booth

A place of waiting, a middle ground, a transitional zone of anticipation. A decaying phone booth to show the decaying relationship.

Location 3: Southend - The empty beach

The ocean is a symbol of power, strength, life, mystery, hope and truth. It is also referred to as being the tears, or sorrow of God. The ocean's salt symbolised stability.

Location 4: Southend - The Pier

The Pier in Southend is the longest pier in the world and seems to go on for ages. The pier shows endlessness and emphasise more on the theme of freedom with the beach.

Location 5: Southend - Adventure Island

Somewhere that screams nostalgia and happiness

Behind the Scenes

Teaser of the Music Video


Atikah Zaindi


Poppy Ashton


Maziar Javidan


Céline Ramseyer


Zac Chouay


Joshua Tomlinson


Zahrin Redza


Annie Botta


Michas Vanni


Isobel Baker


Ellie Hoskyns-Abrahall

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