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Film Photography

The day I found out our university developped film photography for free, I without a second booked a film camera from the kitroom. I was very excited to finally try film photography as I had seen many people from our course and from BA Film and TV showing off their photographs (and obviously my parents when I was younger). I therefore bought my first film roll and went back home super happy. My mum showed me how to put the film correctly and I was ready to snap anything; the mountains near my house, the Neuchâtel lake on the other side, the bridge I used to cross to go to school, my friend's dog, my very green garden, portraits of my friends and so on.

After being back to London, I was super excited to see the result of my first try. I went to "Eye Culture" in Bethnal Green to develop my pictures (as we still were in university holiday therefore the photography workshop was closed - and I could not wait longer). A week later, I was ready to go and pick them up. The guy working there spent time looking for my roll, and came back to me after 10 minutes saying "you shot blank". He turned around, grabbed another roll, handed it to me and said "try again".

So the pictures below are obviously not my frist try, but my second.

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