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I fell in love with the media and event industry when I worked with Radio Television of Switzerland (RTS) (2012-13), where I was an Assistant Producer and Photographer for their music department. There, I had the chance to work on different radio and TV shows as well as festivals and gigs. A year later, I moved to London to work with a TV and film studio (2014) and to study a Bachelor (Hons) in Live Events and Television Production at the University of the Arts London (2015-18). This is when I started Producing and Directing my own projects, including two documentaries respectively called Andisheh (2018) and Kajetan (2018).

Alongside my passion for this industry, I have a strong interest in sport and particularly in fencing and Olympic/Paralympic disciplines. Having a keen interested in this area, I was eager to uncover and learn more. I therefore wrote my dissertation on The television coverage of the Paralympic Games in United Kingdom and the impact of Channel 4 following London 2012 (2017). I have also produced Give us the Power, a promotional video for British Fencing as part of their Fundraising Campaign which was launched in June 2018 (see in moving image).

I'm currently working on the digital team of CNN Sport and on The Last Leg on Channel 4.

I'm always on the lookout for new projects so keep in touch!

Last update - November 2019